Towards personalised packaging


Originally launched by the big agri-food companies, personalised packaging has become an underlying trend that’s now spread to the cosmetics and perfume business… Here’s the lowdown on this “one to one” marketing phenomenon.

As the world grows more uniform, with standard products and universal brands, consumers are reacting to this mass phenomenon by wanting to be recognised as individuals. In their quest for singularity, they expect a personalised relationship with their favourite brands and are increasingly demanding original and exclusive products. This ultra-personalisation of goods and services extends to packaging, which is now playing the customisation card. After Nike, Coca-Cola and Nutella, cosmetics labels are opening up to this new trend, hoping to form a special relationship with their customers. By doing this, they are also restoring “meaning” to the act of buying, as this gives the consumer a way to express their personality through personalised packaging or even be involved in developing the product.


Brand, product, packaging and consumer have now become inseparable. Thus, for Mothers’ Day 2016, Sephora offered a customisation service for customers to have the message of their choice engraved on a perfume bottle.  The perfume brand Ex Nihilo takes the art of personalisation even further as the glass bottle can be engraved and there are several caps to choose from! Yet the most original aspect is the choice of fragrances, with the option to add floral notes as desired.
Monoprix is surfing the trend by also offering a Facebook app to create your own personalised packaging for a birthday, christening, wedding… One more step towards tailor-made packaging!

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