A colour palette for autumn!


Autumn means new classes and also new trends! Alongside the satchels, rucksacks and pencil cases, this season’s make-up is bright and peppy, with new packaging and colour trends that express strength and calmness, according to Pantone…

Bleu Serenity and Rose Quartz… these are Pantone’s two colours for 2016!

Wonderfully soft colours that keep the holiday vibe going, with a palette that evokes tranquillity, inner peace and optimism. An ideal way to get autumn off to a beautiful start!

It must be said that Pantone, the worldwide colour standard-setting body, is unrivalled when it comes to inspiring trends in cosmetics, fashion, design and packaging. To spot the chromatic hits of the future, the experts at the Pantone Color Institute are constantly travelling the world in search of new influences.


After Emerald (2013), Radiant Orchid (2014) and Marsala (2015), two warm colours will once more be helping to ease fashionistas’ transition back to work. In their search for serenity, this is the ideal antidote to the “post-traumatic stress” of returning home after the holidays! More than just two complementary shades, this two-tone union illustrates the new trend towards gender equality, according to Pantone.


In make-up, this translates into a perfectly nude foundation, enlivened by a flattering touch of pink on the cheeks (Rose aux Joues by Guerlain).

Lips look sweet with tender gloss shades, in tribute to the Pantone spirit, or become pure poison with a Noir Passion (Passion Black) or Prune profond (Deep Plum) (Velvet Mat by Essence, Auchan). The same goes for the eyes, with the smoky look stealing the show and the added bonus of graphic eyeliners (Fingertip by Sephora, the new eyeliner that slips onto a finger), XXL lashes and well-tended brows. And to keep things sunny and bright, the lids are illuminated by copper and glitter shadows!

You’ve got it: the trend for this autumn-winter is two-tone contrasts, with complementary shades that play on masculine and feminine, yin and yang, hot and cold. A very colourful and classy autumn is clearly in store!

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