A biodiversity law has been in force in France since January. It is now forbidden to sell many hygiene products containing plastic microbeads, and cotton buds must be plastic-free by 2020 at the latest.The new law aims to reduce the use of plastic in our bathrooms. Shower gels and exfoliating products with microbeads are now banned. Due to their tiny size, these polyethylene particles are not filtered by wastewater treatment plants – so there are between 15 and 51 billion of them in the seas! A real ecological issue, since they may be eaten by a range of marine animals.



Aware of this environmental impact, many cosmetics brands are replacing microbeads with natural particles. Apricot or olive stones (Le Petit Olivier skin exfoliation), small quantities of lava powder (NOV Expert exfoliant), amber powder (exfoliant gel by Mehitsa): all natural substitutes that also have a positive effect on your complexion! As for plastic cotton buds, they will be replaced by paper sticks, which are kinder to the environment. Many people tend to throw them in the toilet, instead of putting them in the bin. So, the plastic is not recycled and it damages the oceans. Système U or Carrefour are already selling their own organic cotton buds. 2 years ahead of the new rules, Intermarché will be making paper sticks for cotton buds from this summer!



The fight against plastic microbeads is organised mainly on an international scale. Many countries, including Belgium, the US, Canada or Australia have followed France and are likely to ban them from this summer.

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