Specialists in plastic packaging, Semoflex (subsidiary of Excelrise) has made innovation a catalyst for growth. The firm’s environmentally friendly products are 100 % recyclable. Fully committed to the circular economy, the group now aims to help its customers in this virtuous circle.


Polyethylene in France

Polyethylene is used in the hygiene/medical field. It is a flexible form of packaging, accounting for 20% of today’s plastic market. Toilet paper, packs of water, make-up remover – it is everywhere, but it raises recycling issues. In France, less than 25% of plastic is recycled. To catch up, the government aims at recycling 100 % of plastic by 2025. Europe is also active, with a strict roadmap on plastic use. It is now vital to set an eco-design strategy to make use of the 500,000 tons of waste from polyethylene film generated each year in France. Plastic waste is a huge source of material and a resource for tomorrow! We want our customers to join us in this approach to the circular economy. And like us, Groupe Lemoine is highly committed to sustainable development.


The issue

Faced with increasingly strict legislation, we need to transform the new regulatory requirements into an occasion for innovation in products and packaging. We share Groupe Lemoine’s positive vision,

emphasising the product life-cycle, from design and manufacturing to recycling.



Unlike traditional methods, where all kinds of plastics are mixed, we focus on polyethylene, collecting it at the source from our clients. We set up a new subsidiary, XL Recycling, to ensure total traceability of secondary materials. The result is that recycled plastic is technically identical to the original raw material made from crude oil. This is “upcycling” – recycling into a product of equal value. Today, we recycle 10,000 tons of film a year, and our aim is to make 45,000 tons of recycled packaging by 2025.



Thanks to our selective approach, we have launched a range of innovative products, Reborn, made mainly from recycled plastic. For now, there are 2 products in the range: Reborn R100, 100% recycled film, and R80, 80% recycled plastic, for the medical/hygiene sector. In the same innovative spirit, we co-developed with Groupe Lemoine an exclusive version of our MyTinyBag® packaging. The aim is to make cotton-pad packaging 100% recyclable. The R80 sachet can be totally recycled since we have replaced string with a polyethylene cord! Developed with Groupe Lemoine for one-off use, the innovative packaging respects its responsible production policy and is adapted to the new issues raised by European regulations.


Tomorrow’s trends

Plastic packaging will be 100% upcycled and recyclable, with total traceability. We foresaw the paradigm change and are now working on packaging with 0% virgin raw materials by 2025, giving new life to our plastic!


Semoflex, a subsidiary of Excelrise, bought in 2013. This manufacturing group generates €120 M in revenues (500 clients in 60 countries), including 5 firms in France (Semoflex, Ceisa Packaging, XL recycling, Antares graphics, Packadomia), 3 overseas subsidiaries (Poland, Russia, Morocco) and 400 members of staff.

Praised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for its circular economy approach, Excelrise is the first French group in packaging to join the New Plastics Economy!

Sachet avec lien polyéthylène

Developed in close collaboration by Groupe Lemoine and Semoflex, this packaging is innovative in more than one way. First of all, it features R80 materials from the “Reborn” range developed by Semoflex (R80 means that it is made up of 80% recycled plastic). The traditional string that sealed the bag has also been replaced by a polyethylene cord. And the choice to use just one material (polyethylene) in all parts of the packaging makes it 100% recyclable! The first of our clients to adopt it, BIOCOOP, has just launched the new packaging for its absorbent cotton and its cotton baby pads.

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