The art of make-up removal


To keep skin looking peachy, it’s not enough to just put on make-up well. The secret of “flawless” skin lies in a step that’s often overlooked: make-up removal!

Every morning, you carefully apply foundation and powder for flawless skin. But after a long day at work, you sometimes forget to take off your make-up. Big mistake! Make-up removal is an essential step: it not only allows the skin to breathe but also gently removes all impurities. This essential beauty routine will optimise the benefits of a serum or night cream.


Today, many brands offer “ready-made” techniques to help busy women save time. Nivea   brought out its “In Shower Make-Up Remover” this year. An express treatment that works at any time of day: in the evening to cleanse your skin or in the morning to remove traces of make-up.

On a more hi-tech note, electric cleansing brushes (Clarisonic by Clarins or Beurer) won over America a long time ago and are starting to appeal to Frenchwomen thanks to their amazing effectiveness. These small devices slowly rotate to cleanse the epidermis in depth and remove impurities and dead skin cells while activating the microcirculation. With repeated use, the complexion becomes brighter, fresher and more radiant.


Another great innovation: a 100% Konjac fibre sponge (Konjac Sponge Company). Ideal for the eyes, the fibres gently exfoliate this delicate area of the face with a few drops of cleanser. Yet the real make-up removal revolution is in the palm of your hand: the Glov make-up removal glove ( The result of extensive microfibre research, it removes residues, waterproof make-up and sebum with a splash of water. A true revolution for a flawless result!

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