Beauty in comfort mode


Nowadays beauty is experienced in comfort mode, in terms of how products are used as well as the active ingredients in their formulas. We bring you the lowdown on this trend, which adds a touch of softness and comfort to everyday life.

After the trend for travel products, ultra-convenient packaging and XXL sizes, it’s time for comfort! Taking inspiration from natural products and slow cosmetics, today women expect real comfort from their daily beauty routine. This desire for softness and cocooning is reflected in the products’ textures as well as the way they are used. Often stressed out by their daily life, in a rush at home and at work, women are feeling the need to pamper themselves with products that are convenient and ultra-comfortable. Aware of this new challenge, brands have formulated new creams with evocative names in order to lavish gentle care on skin that’s been through a hard time: Soin de Jour Nourrissant Confort by Nivea, Comforting Cream by L’Occitane, etc.


Yet comfort is not just about formulations and nourishing textures. The way products are approached and used is also important.

For example, cotton make-up removal pads are now available in many formats, with different thicknesses to meet the need for comfort and softness: for example Demak’Up Cocoon with its padded 3D texture for a sensation of true comfort.

Mascara has also undergone its own little revolution, with brands nowadays offering various types of brush, curved, wide or jumbo for maximum volume…

Each creates its own effect for an ultra-precise result! In the same vein, the depilation world has opened up to comfort and now offers women’s razors with ergonomic heads that follow the contours of the body, and gentle, nourishing waxes to be applied using handy, simple roll-ons (Nair sugar wax roll-on).

Comfort therefore seems to have taken over the world of beauty, from head to toe, with ultra-gentle shampoos that won’t sting children’s eyes (Rik et Rok 3 in 1, shampoo, shower gel and foam bath), Essie nail masks, or Byphasse Foot Comfort creams with monoi from Tahiti. For comfort also involves scents, textures and colours that often bring back childhood memories!

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