“It doesn’t take everything to make the world, it takes happiness and nothing else.”  

Paul Eluard was right. More than ever before, we are seeking interior balance.


Since Pharell Williams’ “Happy” song, happiness seems to be contagious. It’s as if the world was rediscovering the virtues of being happy. The latest “Better Life” index by the OECD confirms this trend. On the GNH (Gross National Happiness) scale, France ranks 18th out of the 34 member countries. The morale of the French is holding up and buzzing with this fierce desire to be happy, quite simply. If you’re not convinced, just look at the number of publications on personal development or praise for simplicity. The French best-seller “3 kifs par jour”* by Florence Servan Schreiber teaches us how to take advantage of small everyday pleasures: an unexpected SMS, an explosion of laughter in a meeting, etc. All of these snatched moments help us to savour happiness when it appears.


Feel good attitude

In search of serenity, French people are turning to new activities, which until now were on the fringes: yoga, mindfulness, spiritual quest, etc.

Even cosmetics are heading towards this holistic state, offering customers magical ranges (Garancia), joyous ranges (Nivea Happy Time) or spiritual ranges (Herborist and its Tai chi mask). This feel good attitude is also seeping into the kitchen. The French like nothing better than a good meal with friends or family to forget a stressful week and appreciate a warm and friendly moment.

Without believing in an ideal world, the French are looking for simplicity and accessible happiness, which may take many forms.


* ”3kicks a day”

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