Greeeeeeen ! The new major issues of sustainable development


Energy transition, sustainable development, ecological responsibility… You will often see and hear these terms on the internet, in the press, on the TV news, on the morning radio… They are becoming part of our private, economic, political and cultural spheres, reminding us that times and attitudes have changed in a lasting way. Now, the revolution really is underway! A green revolution, where we are all participants, the fruit of new collective and individual awareness.


Revolution at the summit of the state, too, where the issue is measured in political terms and new legal frameworks are being created. In companies, eco-design is being fully integrated into the production process. And most of all, as consumers, we are all becoming more aware of our responsibility. Because it’s our new demand for products made in fairer and more environmentally friendly conditions that gives manufacturers and politicians the duty and the capacity to take action.

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