Today, the value of creativity is lauded more than ever before. Each person is encouraged to give free rein to their imagination, to express their creative spontaneity in blogs, in videos to share, etc. Brands are calling on their own consumers to share ideas or to take part in crowdsourcing.

Creativity in all its forms is now a central and expected virtue. In fact, this is the main leadership quality demanded (source: IBM survey on over 1,500 managers in the world).

Non-conformity, a touch of fantasy or even eccentricity are traits that make people stand out from the crowds and create a unique form of appeal.

Les assiettes texturées

Textured plates

How can the dish by itself make the mouth water? Because that is exactly what these plates, inspired by exotic fruits, do. Their bright colours and décor transport us to a world of luxuriance.

Portable garden

A miniature garden to design at your will, a link with nature to take anywhere. Even the smallest apartments have no excuse for not having their little patch of greenery.

Le jardin Transportable
Les tables basses végétales

Leaf coffee tables

These outdoor tables create shadows in the shape of exotic leaves thanks to their cut-out design. A bit like the missing link between the sophistication of designer furniture and nature.