Internet and its omnipresence in our everyday lives has profoundly modified the notion of intimacy and privacy. Some people call this “the tyranny of transparency”.
Resistance to this is multiplying, with the use of actions to reclaim one’s digital data: digital safes, coming off social networks, taking out e-reputation insurance, possibility of seeing data once only with Snapchat, etc.

Some people are expressing their desire to take back possession of their private lives in this way. Anonymity, remaining hidden, discretion and even mystery are becoming the values of a modern and elegant counter-culture.

Le kit messages

Messages kit

Cosmetic samples inspired by luxury hotels. With packaging reminiscent of hotel door hangers, the notions of nomadism and quality are immediately at the fore. A premium kit for a V.I.P. service.

Graphic desk

A desk that plays with optical illusions and the idea of the visible/invisible. Drawers are mysteriously concealed in this piece of furniture and transparent materials create optical distortions.

Le bureau graphique
Les vases rayures

Striped vases

A collection of colourful vases with a hint of transparency. Stripes reminiscent of sunset colours alternate with translucent stripes for a dynamic, modern and original effect.