The economic crisis is having a lasting impact on the goals of French people.
The latest Ifop survey on the morale of the French (survey conducted in August 2013) shows that morale has fallen to an all-time low. Only 30% of people questioned said they were “optimistic” about the future.

In reaction to this dark, gloomy and cynical universe, where the temptation to withdraw into oneself or one’s community and to return to individualistic tendencies is continuous, a response is emerging, consisting of sharing and optimism.

It demonstrates a desire to be carefree and a poetic vision of the world. It puts the values of simplicity, innocence and romanticism, in a modern form, back at the centre.
Consumers want to experience the world with the nostalgia of childhood again.

La Compresse Coeur

Heart compress

This handy "heart" kit contains three soft compressed wipes – a make-up remover wipe, a toner wipe and a moisturising wipe. Just pop into your bag and rehydrate with water when you need to take care of your skin!

Adjustable shelf

A piece of furniture to construct as you like, depending on your needs. A book shelf with a multitude of possibilities, which can evolve over time.

L'étagère modulable
La Tasse Liberty

Liberty-style cup

This cup, with its partly graphic, partly natural design, combining modernity and classicism, features a wavy leaf pattern. A "Liberty" style with a resolutely modern and original twist.