“Micro-pearl” exfoliating pads

With its exclusive technology, Groupe Lemoine’s micro-pearl range is revolutionising make-up removal! One side is soft and smooth, for applying cleanser. The other has…


New Maxi Confort cotton bud

With twice the amount of cotton as a standard bud, the Groupe Lemoine Maxi Confort cotton bud provides unrivalled user comfort and softness. This…

Number #7p4

A colour palette for autumn!

Autumn means new classes and also new trends! Alongside the satchels, rucksacks and pencil cases, this season’s make-up is bright and peppy, with new packaging and colour trends that express strength and calmness, according to Pantone…

Number #7confort

Beauty in comfort mode

Nowadays beauty is experienced in comfort mode, in terms of how products are used as well as the active ingredients in their formulas. We bring you the lowdown on this trend, which adds a touch of softness and comfort to everyday life.

Number #7personnalisation-packaging

Towards personalised packaging

Originally launched by the big agri-food companies, personalised packaging has become an underlying trend that’s now spread to the cosmetics and perfume business… Here’s the lowdown on this “one to one” marketing phenomenon.


Internet and its omnipresence in our everyday lives has profoundly modified the notion of intimacy and privacy. Some people call this “the tyranny of…


The economic crisis is having a lasting impact on the goals of French people. The latest Ifop survey on the morale of the French…


Today, the value of creativity is lauded more than ever before. Each person is encouraged to give free rein to their imagination, to express…


The majority of the world’s population already lives in an urban environment and this trend will continue in the years to come. The UN…