Number #8semo-packaging


Specialists in plastic packaging, Semoflex (subsidiary of Excelrise) has made innovation a catalyst for growth. The firm’s environmentally friendly products are 100 % recyclable. Fully committed to the circular economy, the group now aims to help its customers in this virtuous circle.

Number #7edito-V2


Autumn is here again, and promises to be a very special time this year. For Groupe Lemoine is celebrating 30 years of innovation, 30 years of researching and developing new products in order to support, create and often exceed the expectations of health and beauty consumers.

Number #7p4

A colour palette for autumn!

Autumn means new classes and also new trends! Alongside the satchels, rucksacks and pencil cases, this season’s make-up is bright and peppy, with new packaging and colour trends that express strength and calmness, according to Pantone…

Number #7confort

Beauty in comfort mode

Nowadays beauty is experienced in comfort mode, in terms of how products are used as well as the active ingredients in their formulas. We bring you the lowdown on this trend, which adds a touch of softness and comfort to everyday life.

Number #7personnalisation-packaging

Towards personalised packaging

Originally launched by the big agri-food companies, personalised packaging has become an underlying trend that’s now spread to the cosmetics and perfume business… Here’s the lowdown on this “one to one” marketing phenomenon.